One Life Rally NFT

3.3 ZoidPay Utilities

Staking Boosts

Using a OneLife Rally NFT, you’ll be able to add an extra boost to your Shopping Pool. The boost will be between 1 and 3%.


The NFT will offer you extra cashback on every purchase you make using our SuperApp. Depending on the rarity, the cashback varies from +0.25% to +1%.

Shopping Pool

Randomly, after the sold-out, one of the NFTs will be selected to receive a Shopping Pool. Well, isn’t that something to look out for? 😉


Wanna get early access to the Mutants? You’ll be able to combine a OneLife Rally NFT and a Zoidster to get your first Mutant.

NFT Benefit pairs

You will receive different benefits for certain combinations between the OneLife Rally and the Zoidster. Rewards will be boosts and airdrops.


Holders of both NFT collections will get early access to the new APIs and SDKs upgrades or new features.

Custom Cards

The holders will be able to customize the card inside the SuperApp. Whether you hold a Zoidster or a OneLife Rally NFT, you’ll be able to receive a card with your NFT on it.

Special Theme

The holders will have access to special themes in the SuperApp. Customize not only your card, but the whole SuperApp experience.

Zoidsters Refill

We know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time and.. it’s here. You’ll be able to use the OneLife Rally NFT to recharge your Zoidster’s Shopping Pool Boost.


Holders will receive random ZPAY airdrops from time to time so.. better hold it, you never know when a bag of ZPAY might hit you 😉
Epochs and Phases to be revealed 😉