One Life Rally NFT

3. NFTs 🖼️


Each NFT will contain a car that you will be able to see & hear at the rally. Apart from that some pieces from the collection will give you the opportunity to enjoy crazy moments behind the steering wheel. Stay tuned for that!
Irrespective of your NFT’s rarity, you will immediately enter all our organised utility raffles. What does this exactly mean? At OneLife Rally, we value every single one of our NFT holders, regardless of the rarity of their NFT. That's why we've created an exciting raffle system that gives everyone a chance to win amazing utilities, with the odds increasing based on the rarity of their NFT.

Raffle System

So, if you're holding a common NFT, you'll have one chance to win. But, if you're holding an uncommon NFT, you'll have two chances. For rare NFTs, you'll have five chances, and for the most rare NFTs, you'll have an incredible ten chances to win!
This means that no matter what NFT you hold, you have the chance to unlock exclusive, game-changing utilities every single month.